There's no better kick!

How to kick

Take long kicks.

Stand straight and relax between the kicks. Let the Kickbike roll.

Leg swing

Let the kicking leg swing forward. The higher the speed the higher the knee lift.


Ground touch

Toes touch the ground just behind supporting foot.


The kick

Extend kicking leg and ankle. Keep your arms straight


Relax after kick

Straighten the supporting leg for a moment, while kicking leg swings forward



Basic foot change

To use both legs equally, switch feet every 3-10 kicks. In uphills increase kick frequency and switch feet more often.

Step 1

Move the left foot toes off the footboard.


Step 2

Take the right foot toes in.


Step 3

Move the left foot off from the footboard.


Step 4

Straighten the right foot on the footboard.