European Champinship races 2017 were organized by enthusiastic Austrian national team in Salzburg.
Raes included 400m sprints on an athletics track, a gruelling mountain climb race, the action packed team relay and a long race on Salzburgring motor track. Titles for individual disciplines were given in total ten categories: overall category, two junior age groups and two veteran age groups, both for men and women.

European champs sprint Pesta Nuuma

Most notable (besides Peter Pesta's and Aigar Nuumas smiles above) was outmarch or onslaught of new rising athletes. Many of them have already showed their speed but championship race with this many succesful riders in their twenties or below is a great news to the future of the sport!
Machiel Steenbergen, Matyas Olsar, Adriaan RIngoir, Honza Pavel, Milos Pavel, Julian Scherer, Roman Matyas plus a few more in men.
Katerina Sefcova, Alena Legatova, Barbora Dvorska, Aneta Moravkova and Delia den Outer in women.

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Photo by Kickbike Italy (Rene or Elisa)