This time news come from Bruce of Kickbike Australia. He's got a positive comment of Kickbike from a renowned sports figure: 



Physio Endorsement - We were very pleased to get the following endorsement, especially when you look at Victors resume.

Victor Popov has 30 years experience as a Sports Physiotherapist working with elite teams and athletes including-
AIS and QAS teams and athletes
Brisbane Lions AFC (1999-2008)
Australian Olympic Teams (1992, 1996, 2000)
Russian Olympic Team (2012)
Professional Cycling Teams at Tour De France (5 tours)
Australian Swimming Team (1987-2001)
Australian Cycling Teams (1987- 2000)
Individual Athletes such as Robbie McEwen, Stuart O'Grady, Sam Riley, Susie O'Neil, and Shane Watson.

In my 30 years as working as a Sports Physiotherapist in elite sport, I have come across many useful and not-so-useful rehab tools. The Kickbike definitely falls into the 'useful' category. We used Kickbikes back in the early 2000's at the Brisbane Lions AFL club as part of our rehab process for a number of injuries. The loading and motor patterning associated with riding the Kickbike had very useful stability and propulsion components: the stance leg load stimulated glut, core and spinal stability (in a functional posture), and the propulsive leg action activated glut, hamstring and calf muscles with minimal impact loading.
This combination of central stability; postural setting and control; limited impact glut, hamstring and calf activation and the capacity to vary the load/speed makes the Kickbike a great rehab tool in late stage rehab for any lower limb injury that affects these parameters. Obviously, the capability to add aerobic loading is also an extremely valuable component of using the Kickbike: both from a rehab and conditioning perspective. The Kickbike is an excellent conditioning advice for all but is extremely beneficial for people who can't run (due to the shock/impact issues) or ride a bike (neck/low back posture issues) as it allows for conditioning and stability exercise in a posture and with an intensity that can be tolerated.

Victor Popov
B. Phty.
Sports Physiotherapist.